After the service

After the Service

  • Greeting the Pastor:  After each service, Pastor Nathan stands at the center door in the back of the sanctuary.  If you’d like to talk to him, you can exit through those doors.  If you would prefer not to, there are plenty of other ways out of the sanctuary.
  • Conversation:  People stand around and talk after the service is over— and some of them might want to talk with you!  Someone might invite you to dinner or tell you about an event coming up in the next few weeks.  It’s ok to say “no” if you have other plans or just would rather go home (but be forewarned—we are REALLY good cooks!!).
  • Pick up your kids: If you left your kids in the nursery, you’ll probably want to pick them up before long (ok, you might not want to . . .).  Don’t forget their braceletyou’ll need to trade it for your child!