Before the service

Before the service starts:

  • What if I’m early?  You can ask an usher for a tour or you can look at the bulletin boards on the other side of the foyer (by the bathrooms).  You can sit in the foyer and people-watch!  You can find someone to talk with.  You can sit in the sanctuary where we have our service and listen to the pre-service music, look at the bulletin, or read the church announcements on the big screen.  It’s not uncommon for there to be only a few people in the sanctuary until the last minute because many people are coming from Sunday School, which is held from 9 to 10.  By the way, you are welcome to join us there as well!
  • Where do I take my kids?  Children of any age are welcome in the service.  If you’d like to have your child cared for during the service, or provided a way to amuse themselves, there are several options:
    • Birth to age 3:  There are nursery services available for infants to age three.  The nursery volunteers will give you a bracelet that will match you with your child.  The person picking up the child MUST have that bracelet!  If you are interested in more information on how we safeguard our children, please see a summary of our child protection policy.   It’s always helpful if your child’s things are labeled (bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, etc.).
    • Age 3-12:  There is an activity bag available for kids age 3-12.  You can also ask an usher for a children’s bulletin to color, which coincides with the message of the day.
  • Are there assigned seats?  No.  Please sit anywhere you are comfortable.
  • What if I have special needs?  Large print hymnals or hearing assistance devices are available for those who need it.  Please see an usher.